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Lewd Hentaiacademy ERP (18+)
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Lewd Hentaiacademy ERP (18+)

💙 Welcome to the Lewd Academy!~ The place where you get all the succ!
💜 You can create an character and sign up for the academy, after that you'll have plenty of areas to play around with People! etc!
💜 We are a big ERP server that evolves around lewding each other, but also sending hot pics. We are even going to offer Plot RP! What do we offer?:
💕 1,5:1 Male Female Ratio
💕 Real Egirls + Traps
💕 Quality RP & Amateur & Beginner RP!
💕 Hot nudes & hentai
💕 Gaming-Sections
💕 Collaring each other! Owning someone!
💕 Our own discord bot!
💕 Events like our own Minecraft server
💕 Giveaways
💕 Pokecord bot!
Go take a look! Also a fun economy bot!
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Ratings & Reviews

6 reviews
Kempa Kempa
Great server
Lot of nice people, lewd fun place to chill.
1 1
! [] Amandum ! [] Amandum
Absolutely great experience and a loving community.
So believe it or not but I have never taken part in any kind of role play, including erotic, so being apart of this community was very different. Given enough time and just enjoying memes I have to say they're very welcoming and a lot of fun ^^
Ollie Ollie
Good community!
I've gone into this community and actually got an E-girlfriend, who needs tinder when you could get INTERNATIONAL POON, damn I'm going to be sowing wild oats for a long, long time if you know what I mean wink wink nudge nudge.
DiCypher DiCypher
Perfect for ERP, and generally a great server!
•Community is really nice, unlike other servers we're pretty closely knit!
•Tons, and I mean tons of lewd things to do. (It's not the Lewd Acadamy for nothing!)
•Broad range of channels with different interests/topics.
•Very forgiving if you've never (E)RP'd before! There's people of all roleplay skill levels on this server, perfect for amateurs and experienced roleplayers alike!

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