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Hokzii [18+]
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Hokzii [18+]

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Welcome to Hokzii! I'm Baby Jay and I made this server to be 18+ but it has a bit of everything like pokecord, pokeverse, fun games and lewd/NSFW stuff. So to start, there are people younger then 18 but they're my friends and wanted to stay so I figured as long as they understood anything 18+ is allowed they could stay. I can't promise this'll be non-toxic cuz there will be arguments and I can't promise people will handle them maturely.
But I hope you give my server a chance, and if you do I hope you enjoy your stay ^~^

- Warnings
- Recommendations
- Small ESC features
- Allowances[Things that are allowed]
- General
- RolePlay/RP
- Lewd 18+
- Pokecord
- Pokeverse
- Gaming

- Alright the Raiders from last night pushed a line so we will now be reporting any and all Raiders that join this server.
- We ping a lot, so if getting a shit ton of pings bothers you I recommend not joining.
- Skyler and Baby Jay are openly affectionate, they don't full on fuck but they do kiss and many other things openly, so if public affection bothers you I recommend not joining.
- Kink shaming is NOT allowed
- Read the rules, I know most that join discord servers via disboard don't read the rules, but I recommend you do.
- ERP is allowed

- Read the rules >~>
- Don't join just to spam
- Read the rules >~>~>~>
- Select the age role that's within your age
- Channels are hidden with roles so you'll need to head to self roles when/if you join and give yourself the roles you want

~Small ESC Features~
- Self assignable roles
- MEE6 level reward roles
- RP based games(like truth or dare)
- Regular games like Hangman, Would You Rather, 20 questions
- And more, but I gotta leave some mystery >~>

- To start, online dating is allowed but I highly recommend it's taken seriously.
- Okay so sending lewd images of yourself is allowed, just keep it in the lewd channels or your partners DM's

- RP based truth or dare games.
- A suggestions channel for those who think the server could use more features
- Newly added Gender Roles, they aren't required though. Just an added feature
- Advertising, if you post a link and leave it will be deleted though
- Partnerships, DM Baby Jay if your interested.

- A plot, basically in short it's a no-storyline RP about a war between two sides, it'll be an eternal RP with some battle scenes. There's no storyline because I wanted RP'ers to have a base, but a lot of freedom as well
- Multiple RP channels
- NSFW RP channels, for those who wanna ERP

- Miki & LewdBot
- You can send lewd images of yourself, confirmation is needed though so DM Baby Jay with proof your 18+
- Multiple lewd related channels, I didn't count but I think there's around 10+
- 18+ games

- Gyms & Badges
- Champion & Elite 4
- Duel Gambling, sick of dueling for nothing? This is the thing to do.
- Areas where you can list pokemon you want to sell or pokemon you want to buy
- Daycares & Pokesitters

- Literally the same as Pokecord, just without gyms, elite & champion[may be added soon]

- Multiple gaming channels
- Gaming self roles to show off what games you like
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1 review
A good server i recommend you join
This server has good and active staff and members
Its could use some improvements in my perspective but the server is a 9/10 in my book