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Dimension 00: Planet Utopia
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Dimension 00: Planet Utopia

🗻 In the year 4423 P.I.A (Pre Ivarium Age), a small group of earthlings had landed onto a planet and began their colony on it. They named it “Planet Andromeda” where they lived in peace and lived in harmony. More exotic species from different dimensions joined the planet since it was like a heavenly paradise that couldn't be found nowhere else!

For a long time the humans, androids, dragonborns, species of all types were living in bliss until a dark brooding entity dubbed "The Lich" had invaded in the year 3051 P.O.I.A (Post Ivarium Age). This dark creature wreaked havoc and began to destroy the planet, with many species evacuating. However, most had perished to the likes of the calamity. The many people that escaped was saved by a dragonborn-android hybrid named Fukanzen and beautiful human woman named Eris. They helped the remaining people and fled the planet in fear of The Lich striking once more.

🌋 Two years later, the many escaped species have colonized on Andromeda's sister planet named “Utopia”, with Fukanzen and Eris being their new leaders. While colonizing they have been ready for another attack that might occur. They await for The Lich's return and they will not hesitate to fight back.

❤Welcome to Utopia!🧡

Here is what we offer!
💛-> Kind and helpful staff members!

💚-> Bots! Tatsumaki, Mee6, UnbelievaBoat, and many more in the future

💙-> Tons of species and abilities!

💖 -> A progressive plot that could change through character interaction!

💜-> Memes, NSFW, bots and many more channels to choose from.
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