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A fun server that has less policing as other Ace servers. Just be cool and not an ass and you should have fun in this server.
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The Doctor The Doctor
Sweet Home Acecord
Rob the Bobcat found my son Megatron on this server. I lost him in Russia after I became a NEET.
These are all inside jokes after being in this nice and warm community for a while, if you'd fancy a cosy Aro/Ace community this is it.
Viikatemies Viikatemies
One of the best Ace/Aro Servers I have ever experienced
A lot of servers always made me feel sorta like an outsider or that I didn't exactly fit in, reminded me a lot of high school with their cliques. After discovering Acecord it seems that this place is a bit more welcoming but also at the cost of being a bit more transparent and joking with one another. For the first time on the Discord platform I think I finally found a place that I would consider a home and I hope that more people can say the same for it.