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Hentai Desu
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Hentai Desu

Let's join to Hentai Desu server. There are some interesting features on our server,
➢ Info Update Hentai OVA, EROGE, ASMR, CG, Doujin, JAV
➢ Request Hentai OVA, EROGE, ASMR, CG, JAV
➢ Discuss Hentai OVA, EROGE, ASMR, CG, JAV, ANIME
➢ Gaming Channel
➢ Share Artwork Channel
➢ Ask Sauce Channel
➢ 2D&3D NSFW Picture Channel
➢ 2D&3D SFW Picture Channel
➢ Bot Doujin , NSFW, Music, Waifu, Pokecord, OwO, AniGame (Clan) dll.
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Ratings & Reviews

4 reviews
MYBhoni!! MYBhoni!!
Gud.. I like this server from other servers . many NSFW categories. And all good quality 😍😍😍
493 days ago
Just Monika Just Monika
Most Fun server i have ^^
every ppl inside this server are so friendly <3
and it also have trap channel '-' all server that have trap are nice

also lot of member in this server are indonesian i hope the server become more international '-'

509 days ago
Ashtareth✨ Ashtareth✨
Hentai Desu Review! Rewind time everybody.
Goodie good good place to find lewd based on the name. Collect waifus in mudae and waifubot, catch pokemons in pokecord. Tons of 2D lewd sfw or nsfw hentai. There's also 3D sfw and nsfw. Good server, join >w<.
509 days ago
Rin! Rin!
Very Interesting
suitable for those of you who want to find friends in discord and chat with each other
509 days ago