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Welcome To Kudemia!
We're the country of magic,
Here in Kudemia we have kingdoms that teach the young the rules of magic.
The year is currently 2056. and humanity has devolved alot.
Humanity no longer knows how to create electricity,
so they resorted to asking some of the top wizards that day about how to produce, Magic Power!
Magic Power is a substance that only a few humans possess.
It started back in 2025 when a man named Wilson came to the country insisting that he could do magic and he would teach the few children that possessed "Magic Power".
That same year all the people who had no magic were moved out of Kudemia and sent off to another country.
Of course the children were sad, but they knew their new duties as "Magi's"
Now in 2056 those children have all grown up, new "Magi's" have been born.
You just happen to be one of those Magic children.
You may lose friends, gain friends,
Just remember "The War Is Coming."
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