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It's okay.

A little place where you can receive some help or a friend. If you're feeling a bit down. We will not judge you. You can also feel safe here. Our main priority is always you. The greatest healing therapy is friendship and love.

In the meantime, we offer you the following:
♡ Fun bots, such as Mudae and WaifuBot
♡ Reaction Roles which may describe you
♡ Events and giveaways are coming soon!

We hope you give us a chance~
We're looking for active members, staff, and therapists.
Zetsubou Bumped 4 days ago

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Signore Darkness (Raven) Signore Darkness (Raven)
Too many trolls. Do not join this server the owner is bad. A lot of people and I had a bad experience and did not make that many friends in it.
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weetos weetos
Let's put pollinate lol
That server is usefull and lit u can also make friends to talk about ya problems and to have fun w them✨