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Ratings & Reviews

19 reviews
fuck fuck
my main account got banned for saying a mods forehead is big
also everyone here is just super thirsty and kinda creepy except the people with the forsen pfps, they were pretty cool.

kaki and tiipps if you are reading this you the boys WideHard

edit: the bot that allows you to have access to the server doesn't work half the time, so have fun with that i guess.
Nemo Nemo
Why do these even exist?
Having to upload your personal info/ID to just a group of people who call themselves moderators and owners, They store it in a channel that you don't know who has access to....What if the channel ever got leaked? Think about this people before you just hand over your ID.

Criminail Criminail
This server is really... fucked up.

The owner and part of the moderation team is underage.
There was proof of these claims in the chat logs, but the server (and their partner, RockStars) handily got raided a few days ago, which deleted all message history.
Keep in mind that this server is completely 18+.
So, while the staff happily verifies your age by having you send a selfie and a picture of your ID (that is getting saved), they themselves can't provide proof, that they are 18+.

Moderator privileges can be bought from the owner, there are 'PlayGirls', who pay to have everyone pinged with their NSFW content, there's matchmaking, which only really works when you donate to the server. In short, the owner seems to only see the server from a money-making perspective.

The owner herself also trolls her users by giving away a role that is called 'owner' to her partially homophobic and racist friends, who then go ahead and spam / troll the server. One of them got a 7-day ban before just to show up in voice channels an hour later.

As for the reviews on Disboard, most 5-star reviews on here are by the owner or her mod team.
5-star reviews on here are... the owner: QueenOfSheba, Kuro, Meiko her mods: ana, The Living Robot (Haraldmbs)
...and by people that are not on the server anymore or have never spoken: iiFaze_Nationii, Thomas23

Users giving non-5-star reviews are always getting banned from the server, check the reviews of Casual Hour and Ethan Ricks for the latest examples of this.
RO-500 RO-500
Well organised and a lot of options! Profiles are really handy to get in DMs, Lots of girls as well! Keep it up :)