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Gods and Monsters
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Gods and Monsters

Welcome to Supernatural, a world full of monsters and spirits, gods and demons, and desperate mortals struggling to keep the world from descending into chaos. Play as a variety of supernatural beings, such as demons, demigods, and deities themselves. Find the mythological race you want to play as is missing? Suggest your own! Every tale holds a grain of truth, and in this world, the tales are what you make them.

Our special features include:
-Freedom from dice and annoying rolls! Your gameplay is managed by living, breathing Game Masters who are there to serve you!
-Ever growing lore, which we love to have your input on! We are always looking to players to give their input on lore development, and will gladly take your suggestions for playable races, historical events, and magic types!
-Events where you play as gods! Much of the history in this world of ours is shaped by the players. We play out mythological stories, where the gods, demons and angels are controlled by you!
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