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✯ Shinseina World ✯

♦ A modern fantasy with a medieval twist to it. Open-world allowing you to adventure and create a path you please! ♦

❃ What We Have To Offer:

➩Active Roleplay And Chat Community.

➩Original Lore Unlike Anime Ripoffs.

➩Over 70 Races Fantasy Races To Pick From. Some Are Well Known, Some Are Custom.

➩Lots of Roleplay channels and Cities to use.

➩In-depth but not Overly detailed Character Format.
⭕ŻĘRØ666⭕ Bumped 4 hours ago

Ratings & Reviews

28 reviews
Pathway Pathway
It's Alright
Could be better, it's primarily a chatting server at this point despite being roleplay based.
10 hours ago
FreezerBurn FreezerBurn
Not Great
Sure it is a big server, but the moment I joined people were talking about lynching, genocide, and other very sensitive topics. Not the most moral place in the world. If you like toxic servers, this is the place for you...
8 days ago
3 1
Enderforce Enderforce
Great server, but not for babies.
Server is very good, especially for the people that know that words are words and that random people online have nothing over you. If you're a SJW (Social Justice Wimp), a femenazi, a suicidal teen that needs to be babied all the time, or just a baby in general who are entitled to never take offense/criticism, then don't join. But if you're someone who appreciates jokes, want to roast or be roasted, and just chill without worrying about getting banned for saying the wrong thing, you've come to the right place. We'll welcome you with an outstretched hand and a good ol' "fuck you" to the face and have a good time.
11 days ago
KomachiSama KomachiSama
It's okay
First off this server is very large. Too large for some, but that is okay. Not for everyone. I personally think this server is more of a hangout server which is also fine. I can't really review it as a roleplay server, but based off from what others have said, roleplaying doesn't happen as much as people might except from it.

When it comes to the members of the server, most of them are nice for the most part. However, the owner of the server, ⭕ŻĘRØ666⭕
#6669, can be very toxic and hurtful to others. Constant insults not just towards me, but others. The other people in the server, including his own mod team, just sort of stand back and do nothing as he insults people. I guess this is why, they admit they can be considered a "toxic server" to some degree.

In the end though, ⭕ŻĘRØ666⭕
#6669 is pretty easy to ignore, and you can have a decent time in the server. You can show off you artwork, share memes, and get a good laugh from the nicer people in the server. So if you like big servers, roleplaying, and hangout zones this place is for you.
⭕ŻĘRØ666⭕ ⭕ŻĘRØ666⭕
Admin response
This review is biased coming from the fact that it's from the owner of a server that banned multiple members, including me, because we spoke about how op staff members were.

Granted the server is toxic, that's just a general fact, but it's the type of fun toxic you can vibe with and have fun without being judged or censored. There is no "hurtful and constant insults" towards anyone.
46 days ago