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➩Active Roleplay and Chat Community.
➩Original none ripoff Lore.
➩Over 60 Races of all kind to choose from.
➩Lots of Roleplay channels and Cities to use.
➩In-depth but not Overly detailed Character Format.
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Phlegyas The Furious Phlegyas The Furious
Not Every Roleplaying Discord Server Is Perfect
This server, at least in my opinion, is a very decent, well made/established and interesting roleplaying discord server where you can find many interesting roleplayers as well as their unique characters to roleplay with.

However, and just like with everything, there are (regarding my time there, that is) two problems with this server.

One of them is that it can take more than a day (and sometimes even more than that) for the person/people you’re roleplaying with to reply to whatever it is you last posted. Granted, people are busy and not everyone can be “glued” to the internet 24/7 let alone reply when you want them too, mainly because that’s a dick move all things considered, but sometimes the people you’re roleplaying with appear to be available to roleplay (as in their profile states that they are online) and even if you ping them, don’t expect them to reply, let alone continue said roleplay.

The second issue is with this particular individual ⭕ŻĘRØ666⭕#7263. I created a character that took some liberties in the bio formatting of the server and, while I admit that I shouldn’t have too a point, I created this new character in order to squeeze all the roleplaying chances I could get thanks to an even (roleplaying wise) that happened in the server.

After discussing and talking back and forth with Wall-jaded987#2494 (who was wonderful to talk to, no sarcasm) everything seemed to be going swimmingly as all problems with the bio description of my second character in the server had either been fixed, changed or simply remade (mind you, this took several hours because I was literally falling asleep when I was doing said changes).

After everything was both said and done, this individual (⭕ŻĘRØ666⭕#7263) not only decided to ban/forbid said character which took around 3-5 hours in the making to go down the drain, but never explained the reason(s) as to why. Not even when I sent this person (don’t know if it’s a guy, girl or whatever) a private message asking why. The only reply I had from this individual was, regarding why my character is completely denied, was the following “Nothing, the entire thing is denied”.

Now, I don’t mind hearing that, even after more than 3-5 hours of effort and the help of a bio staff member (staff that control and help the bio formatting of characters) as long as there is a reasonable/probable cause as to why not. This individual never stated anything besides “nothing, the entire thing is denied”. And before ⭕ŻĘRØ666⭕#7263 deletes his/her side of the conversation, I took a screen shot of our conversation just in case stuff happens.

The conversation I had with ⭕ŻĘRØ666⭕#7263 was on the fourteenth of July 2019 at around 10:20 am, the time of me writing my first review ever in Discord is 21:50 and still no reply.


While there are several members of this server who either ignore, don’t care or simply have other/better things to do, the quality of the roleplaying is quite decent in my opinion.

Regarding the staff, there are some members who are very good, patient and respectful at both what they do and who they deal with, while other members of staff shouldn’t even be staff regarding their lack of commitment and how they handle situations.
Nooples Nooples
Its sum good shit, they don't instaboon yu like in "The Hallowed" and the rp has sum fuckin sense
2 2
Voidless Realm Voidless Realm
My peeopee fall of
⭕ŻĘRØ666⭕ ⭕ŻĘRØ666⭕
Admin response
You didn't need it.
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Extremely Active & It's Layout
The owner can be a messed up person, however that is only one of the reasons why i like this server. Sure he insults a lot, says no a lot, threatens much(not a lot). But that doesn't matter to me at least I'm recognized by the owner for once in my discord life. This server is fun, the layout is well....done and the options are limited, but abundant in some cases. Despite all that, there are a ton of options to choose from. Many channels to play in and much more. But what bothers me is....does the owner ever change their profile picture? Oh yeah and more importantly, join this server and be sure not to be a dick here and there. NOTICE: Do not get angry at the staff ever so easily. Have some tolerance before complaining about the servers staff. Have patience and you will be left alone...or perhaps respected as well. Another thing, don't ask for anything from the owner for anything. :)