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Gamer Bread Hangout
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Gamer Bread Hangout

Gamer Bread Hangout
Members: 200+
Great Staff team
A load of friendly people and Chat Rooms to talk in
*Self assigned Roles!
Looking For Partners!!
Come down and join us
We swear you’ll have fun
looking to make it active come join us
Idkwby Bumped 3 days ago

Ratings & Reviews

4 reviews
Jordan ツ Jordan ツ
Great server with good community
To be honest with you this server actually has a good community not that many toxic people and i'd love to stay in it.
crybaby crybaby
b r e a d
Small, loyal group of people. Everyone is friendly. Great group to chill in ♡
Doofinskater Doofinskater
Good review
It's a Good discord with not too many people
Lesser Dog Lesser Dog
Good server
Good server, fun talk and really good and respectful staff

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