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The 2 Universe Roleplay™
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The 2 Universe Roleplay™

One day on Earth a portal appered from seemingly nowhere. Upon it's discovery it was researched by various scientists, what was seemingly unexpected was that a monster of sorts came out of this portal. This monster caused chaos and destruction in it's wake. The government of earth fought back against this creature and called it ally, the outer space species. A war had started and ended within the space of 60 years. What will you be!? A Human or a Monster from a fantasy reality?! Or a Human, Space Marine or Alien of the technological world!? Will you fight for the Empire Of Galactic, The Imperium Of Man or the Kaledonian Empire?! You could just decide to go and explore the world as a lone wolf be that your choice!

Currently looking for staff and we're rebuilding the server, so if you would like to help us just DM me. :D
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