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Atom Gaming is a gaming community for gamers.Here you can get help for games,find new friends and people to play games with,take part in special gaming events and get gaming newsletters.You get XP from chatting and being on the server,your score goes up if you get enough xp. If you get to higher scores then you get access to more things.
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OnlyKitten OnlyKitten
Community and Staff
I joined this server out of boredom mostly, not expecting much. Right when I joined, I was welcomed straightaway and conversations were easy to make. The staff members there are funny, friendly, and welcoming. They make sure everyone feels included.
They're practically always online when someone wants to talk with someone. This is a great place to make new friends, everyone I've encountered so far were chill, welcoming and peaceable.
They say they're planning giveaways once they get more people, so join for the free stuff. :P

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