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[BETA] The Ancient World
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[BETA] The Ancient World

I'd like to offer you to be a user of our new roleplaying server!


We are setting a new standard for animal-based roleplay servers for shooting for increased skill and experience. We are in need of experienced members who will enrich the experience of future players.

Here, there are no humans permitted, so keep that in mind. We are centered around dinosaurs, pterosaurs, sea reptiles, and Cenozoic beasts, but once we graduate from beta phase to fully-fledged, other factions will be made.

Dip your toes in a prehistoric world with beautiful biomes, endless opportunity, challenges, and help us get set up and ready to rumble! Beta testers will get a special role solely for them to boast their status, and I personally would love to add you as a watchful eye to moderate our lovely little haven when we fledge fully.

So if you love prehistoric creatures, roleplaying, animals, or any of the sort or are in for a new twist, come and join me and be the first to experience the Ancient World!
Potato 1020 Bumped 154 days ago

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