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The Keepers Of Tomes
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The Keepers Of Tomes

Are you bored of messaging people to give you those occult or pagan books or looking online for unsafe downloads and paying to use crappy pdf websites , well look no further and join our server the keepers of the tomes and receive all our resources for free as well as any social media related to our server topics ! Permalink -
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faith is not here faith is not here
As a beginner witch, this server is really helpful!
There are pdfs i couldn't find anywhere else! There are channels for literally anything, 10/10
adare⚔ adare⚔
So much information!
I'm blown away by the amount of literature and pdfs the community has. It's been an incredible resource and superbly helpful to learning.
M. M.
Occult Information at Your Fingertips
Best occult library on Discord, period.
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☿  M o u s t e r i a l  ♄ ☿  M o u s t e r i a l  ♄
A plethora of resources
The server holds true to its mission statement and purpose.