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The UKs fastest growing Project Cars 2 racing community specifically for beginners and intermediates.

-Structured weekly races
-Live streamed three times a week
-Sponsors and prizes
-Dedicated Mentors for free coaching
-Friendly community
-First time drivers welcome
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Ratings & Reviews

23 reviews
ian2726 ian2726
Love it.
The good: Top hosting
Great racing
Snazzy studio
Friendly discord
Regular races
4 week seasons
Broadcast twice a week
Fancy voice changer

The bad: More expensive that crack.
I've donated £60 over the past few months.

So glad I found the noobgamerz I love it nearly as much as the Mrs and dogs.
[CSR] zvonimir 🇭🇷 [CSR] zvonimir 🇭🇷
Awesome community and even better livestreams!
I found this racing community watching the streams on Twitch, which are absolutely fantastic and professionaly done. Here you can found regular leagues, and great special off events. No matter if you are just at beginning of your sim racing career or expirienced driver you will surely have great racing and fun here. There are also mentors who gives advices. I always like to watch replays of races on twitch, and enjoyed it so much! A true 5 - star community!
RacerXtc331 RacerXtc331
Only been here for about a month, But these guys are Great. Very help full To new guys polishing there craft. A great racing community. Been interesting picking up Slang from the other side of the world. Good times here for sure. 5 stars all the way!!! Thanks for the laughs, and good competitive racing
Justin Justin
Best PC2 Server out there!
These guys are great to chill with, great racers for all skill levels! They are very friendly, helpful, and very punctual with their races! Weekly races are held as well as practice! Come join this server!