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WRLD On Drugs

welcome to Wrld On Drugs, A place where you can chill out and smoke with the homies. This server is a stoner/gaming community and we are always looking for new people😄We have plenty of chill staff and are always looking for more. Couple of bots to mess with, Remember stoners and gamers, This server is for everyone💕💕 PS there is a NSFW channel but you must show PROOF of age.
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Zae Zae
I’m the owner lmao, But I luv this server. Everyone here is chill, We get a couple retards every now n then that we have to deal w so that’s why you’d see any negative reviews💕💕
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rekt rekt
lame af
the admins were hella rude because I gotta high pitched voice and it was boring overall.
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SmolBean SmolBean
Wonderful server
Amazingly nice, closely knit group of people... id highly suggest anyone to come join this server, especially if you enjoy toking while gaming or just hanging out with a bunch of amazingly nice stoners

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