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Best Noodle Best Noodle
great place to die in
Yeah, this server is nice. Been here for half a year and have had no problems with people. The hentai is nice too
282 days ago
Plasma Plasma
Welcoming and friendly
I joined the server a few months ago and I really didn't say or do anything then I decided to boost the server and slowly I realized that all I have to do is interact and everyone else will just say hi and eventually you are messaging people left and right. It is a great place to have fun and let yourself out.
394 days ago
Tragedy™ Tragedy™
Pedophile Owner
The owner used to go by Terminal before threatening a child

He waste's his time trying to ruin rep of those that exposed him, quite sad.
Yul Hsü Yul Hsü
Admin response
All fake slander.
457 days ago
No Lewd Allowed No Lewd Allowed
Comfy tbh
OwO ? I'm putting myself out there and stuff ??

Well uhh . . . never had any problems here

And it really is comfy
651 days ago