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Some cool ppl but alot of rotten apples
When I first joined I imidiatly had 4 mods telling me to verify or I'm getting banned while getting pressured to leave and falsely accused of raiding, after I verified and explained I wassent raiding I didn't even get an apology, got falsely accused by mods for catfishing even tho I verified to the very same mod who accused me. My picture for pride month got deleted from #other-selfies reason was males don't belong in this section :) this server is pretty much a dictatorship and when I called it out I got the classic "if you don't like it leave" response I'm not leaving cuz there are things I like there but there's just so many negatives, I also got a warning for an emoji reaction to a picture a mod deccidsd it was offensive even tho I even asked the owner of the pic if they found it offensive (they did not) when I told à mod this they just said its no big deal we won't remove the warning ppl get warned all the time, alot of negativity in this server from the day I joined till now I will update this review when it gets better but I doubt it with this mod mentality. We'll here's my update they banned me for this review pretty much denying everything and calling me a child about it and saying "no matter what mods are always right don't argue with us" is pretty much a dictatorship imo and you said that the pic I posted wassent me, calling me childish saying I'm wrong and Tha just banning me doesn't seem all that mature to me since you like calling me a child so much. BTW most of these other reviews are written by their staff :)
♡ Maxxyshy ♡ ♡ Maxxyshy ♡
Admin response
I apologise that you are misunderstanding that our server has rules. I was the person to verify you, and I never recall calling you a catfish. As our server is an 18+ server, your age came into question and you were required to verify your age to continue your stay with us. Many other 18+ only servers do the same. As for your selfie you posted, we were doing our job. You identify as male, and your selfie was clearly of you in your minion onesie, and not cross-dressing of any kind as you stated you did. There is a difference between wearing some eye-liner and cross-dressing. I would also like to note the childish behaviour you showed, by calling us a dictatorship by having rules, and then changing your name to reflect such things. Please grow up and start acting like the adult you're supposed to be.
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Lewdiverse Lewdiverse
My favorite server I've ever been on.
I've been here since about the very start of the server. Truth be told this is easily one of my favorite servers on discord, even more than my own servers. Maxxy the owner is always active along with the staff team I help run with them. All the people are also very friendly and love to take request for certain types of porn you are looking for. Overall 10/10.
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Empathetic Empathetic
Came for the smut, stayed for the friendships
I never thought I'd find as many great people as I have in a hentai server... but here we are. Time and time again I'm impressed by the dedication of Maxxy and the rest of the staff, as well as the great people who hang around to talk. I hardly look at the nsfw channels - I just like talking now. 10/10, have dragged multiple friends in already
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✧ Storm ✧ ✧ Storm ✧
Literally my second home
The owner is such a sweetheart and her staff is like the nicest people you will meet, I have made alot of friends we all goof all, we have made alot of inside jokes so if you wanna be apart of those then be active with us in General! I absolutely love this server to Bits! 🧡💙