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Hiya there! M & Y is an 18+ server with over 3.7k Members! Our server is kind of like spicy, chocolate ice cream; it’s sweet, smooth, but packs a healthy amount of heat. We are actively growing and hope to share all of our super, sexy images with you ^_^
We're currently looking for sexy models to come and show off their body. In return, we'll allow you to promote your PornHub, Snapchat, Instagram etc!
━━━━━━━⊱ We offer: ⊰━━━━━━
~💜 An active 1:1 ratio of male:female
~💜 Verified members
~💜 Nudes from our verified members
~💜 LGBTQ+ and Furry friendly
~💜 ver 50 NSFW channels, both real AND animated, updated daily!
~💜 Personal self-roles to distinguish yourself from other individuals!
~💜 Friendly, active members and staff
~💜 Levelled roles
~💜 Fetish channels
~💜 A dedicated memes channel, as well as blessed images and food porn!
~💜 Our own bot!
~💜 Two music VCs, a General VC, AND a special VC for selected members!
Note: Server May Be Inactive Due To People Sleeping/Working/Jacking Off Etc.
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Ratings & Reviews

8 reviews
LocalMinuteman LocalMinuteman
M & Y Review
Everything here is great, the owner puts in effort that's well noticed, and received. My only criticism is, in my personal experience, that the rules are very inconsistently enforced. Rule X could say "YZ is the consequence", and then it ends up "AB" ends up happening to the rule breaker.
Kawaii Bear Kawaii Bear
My Favorite Server
I've been in many different servers in the past and this one became my favorite not long after I joined. It's active, but never over active. If you follow the rules, it's a very chill place to be. You can meet like minded people AND get to see some awesome NSFW content. I've met so many people I love talking to and I'm so happy I decided to join.
2 1
Amazing server.
This NSFW server is amazing. Just join it.
tyran tyran
⋆° 💜 𝑀 & 𝒴 💜 °⋆ is pleasant
All the Mod team are extremely helpful and very active. Very easy to integrate and become part of the community, and even if you dont, you can still enjoy the perks as long as you heed the Rules!

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