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My Hero Academia 雄英
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My Hero Academia 雄英

A story-line, multi-paragraph based Roleplay server looking for mature, able Roleplayers. OCs are currently closed.

We are actively looking for:
✿ Competent/Active Roleplayers ✿
✿ People devoted to the series ✿
✿ Friendly, kind people willing to grow with us ✿

We stress literacy in our server, as long as you keep to that and our few rules, you'll get along great with us! Choose from a canon student in U.A.'s roster, pro heroes, villains, and more!
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Ratings & Reviews

8 reviews
Great Time, Great people and Great Staff Members
This is a community that I love and enjoy being apart of. While I am not as active in the server as I once was I can say that the staff works very hard to keep everything filled to the brim with content. The group here is diverse with so many interesting characters both in character and outside. You are treated as an individual despite the growing size of the server and it definitely feels like a wonderful experience for those wanting to dive into an enthralling story within the universe of MH. Or even for those who just want to goof off and chat as a spectator. Love just being apart of this place and I will always have good things to say about it.
Jordan's friend Jordan's friend
Would rate 69 stars if I could
Mmm this server is yummy~
...Okay enough with the weirdness Jas-
In all honesty, this server has become my second home. All of the members and the staff are really nice and I have met some great people here uwu
On top of that, this server has some amazing roleplayers with excellent quality writing 👌 I'd say that my writing has improved because of this beautiful place and I'm really proud to be among the people who are considered great writers
If you're looking for a nice, active, and organized bnha server, this place is calling your name

"Get connected
For free
At education connection
grazie grazie
this took me so long to even figure out how to do thanks faith
wholesome uwus incoming

this server is like the best thing that has ever happened to me. I recently opened up to them with personal things and they were all incredibly understanding. my writing and english (for not being a native american or english speaker) has tremendously improved and i have this server to thank. no matter what rough times we're going through we can get out of it.

our staff is amazing and they really DO prioritize their members because we are a second family to them, as they are my second family

also shindo and ronin smell and i love sister faith

- momo (grace/lizzie :))
6 1
beyonce beyonce
Super helpful and active server filled with well-written OCs/canons. Made a heap of friends from the community and would definitely recommend !:)

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