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The Island of Misfit Toys

The Island of Misfit Toys

The Island of Misfit Toys was created to be an anti-server of sorts. A place for the outcast and refugee to feel at home. We are accepting of anyone looking to form community and friendships. We are a judgement free space where you are free to just be yourself and find like minded people. If this sounds like something you'd like please join us! Just some of the things we offer:

- An active voice chat
- A healthy tabletop and video game community to meet all your needs
- Self assigned roles
- movie nights
- nsfw (for Verified members)
- Cards Against Humanity nights
- Gaming
- New friends!
- Multiple Channels for everything you need!
- A wide variety of bots to play with!
- JQBX room for music lovers!
Dexter Riley Bumped 9 days ago

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