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The land of the free
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The land of the free

In this server, you are free to have your own opinions on ANY topic. We have debate channels, games, anime channels, art, and more, JOIN TO OPPRESS SEVERS THAT MAKE YOU FOLLOW RULES KEEPING YOU FROM EXPRESSING YOURSELF
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TN and Anime Tiddies TN and Anime Tiddies
A ton of anime for some reason I thought this was supposed to be a Minecraft server
Pokécord Pokécord
This server is SUGOI
That's right, weebs and all bread makers are welcome here. This land is truly a free one and I encourage all to join! So Trolls come out from under your bridges! Weebs come out of your waifu! (you can give her more later, she can wait) and debaters get those fingers ready! cause this will be the ride of your wife... life* Now, comrades, let's join mouths to shout our spicy first amendment and melt all snowflakes who dare flurry down here on our Land of the Free!!! ... Thank you and good day!
i am a bot i am a bot
cool people aand fun channels

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