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Kirby's Dream Land
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Kirby's Dream Land

A new, family friendly, non-toxic, Kirby-themed general community server with a slight focus on health and sleep. Very accepting, humble, and welcoming users.

__We offer:__
✫ Memes
✪ Pet pics
✫ Beauty advice
✪ Food discussions
✫ Gaming channel
✪ Art & music channel
✫ Mental support channels
✪ An area where you can talk about your dreams
✫ A place to post relaxing songs
✪ Bot channels
✫ Karaoke

*We try to be a pretty mature server, though we welcome users of all ages (as long as they follow Discord’s TOS)*
Gonna kms before college does Bumped 1 hours ago

Ratings & Reviews

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meisme meisme
Amazing Server
This server is a full 5 star. The people on it are friendly and entertaining, it is organised beautifully, and the staff are kind and helpful. The server is active most of the time, and the good selection of bots helps when there is no one talking. Although everyone on it has different interests they are very open to trying new things. This is a great server. You should join.
2 1
Sir Ducky Sir Ducky
Best server i've joined
Has extremely friendly people, and is a extremely nice community group with lots of people. I would recommend joining this group because it is a really great group and you will love you once you join!
2 1
Lemon spector Lemon spector
Really nice community and cool admin but gonna get better with time
This server is new but has already got a decent community. its pretty fun to hang out in the "off topic chat" with everyone but there's a whole bunch of other ones. You come in to look at the chaos of the main chat, go downstairs to vent your all-consuming depression, then finally head in the basement to look and play random shit. needs some more admins and maybe some more diverse but organized text channels.
3 1
Shmeckle Shmeckle
Fun server with fun people
In all honesty, its a pretty good server, the rules are quite lax and allow people to be themselves. It has a decently active player base which allows plenty of conversations to be had and it has respectful and funny staff.

I'd r8 it a g8 m8