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Raccoonmore County RP
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Raccoonmore County RP

Welcome to Raccoonmore County RP!!

This is a mostly furry RP server set in the beautiful place of Racoonmore County.

We have features like...
💜**2 talented commision Artists**
💛 General RP channels, A whole county and a private island to rp in.
💜 Self role assign
💚 8 Different NSFW channels
💙 Self-Roles + LvL Roles
💚 Fully fucntional Anti-Raid diversion system
💜 A lovely Staff <3
❤️ Fun/toxic people
and a LOT more 😉

So come join us and feck around with us ❣️

Pls join I need more Friends ;-;

Also don't come here to raid because your raid is probably gonna be shit and will be cockblocked by our introduction-verification policy. Meaning new joiners cannot accsess general and 95% of the channels.
Dyno Bumped 5 hours ago

Ratings & Reviews

5 reviews
!Wohften! !Wohften!
Amazing Server!
This server is absolutely amazing! There's many chances to meet new friends and to have fun!
Sierra-Fower™ Sierra-Fower™
Its neato
The server is newly fixed its roleplay system so its now good to go. Its staff is not been getting checked every so often with tests to confirm they are up to spec and fair to everyone.
Aaron(cute furr) Aaron(cute furr)
i was kicked for no reson maybe even baned i was jokeing around with a admin all of a sudden bam kicked or baned i would give no stars
2 2
Kahuna Kahuna
Very fun server. Make sure you stay away from SALT#4653(the owner).

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