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Station 442
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Station 442

Current Year 2463
"Welcome to Station 442! We are one of the four stations that orbit the planet of Liadultra! Originally, this station was used for purely commerce purposes, but as of two hundred years ago, we've expanded our horizons (and our sectors) to be more suitable for civilian life. Unfortunately...Yes, the rumors are true. As of late we've discovered a small population of mercenaries in our midst, but the IBMC has come to our aid, and there's absolutely nothing to worry about! We're in good hands."

✨ We're a sci-fi based rp that allows SOME fantasy influences! A classic Mercenary vs The Law with a focus on relations instead of action✨

🔸Faction based roleplay (IBMC vs Mercs) as well as other options (civilians/vigilantes)
🔸Suggestions channel
🔸in-depth lore
🔸LGBTQ+ Friendly content 🏳️‍🌈
🔸multiple pre-made species to choose from, we also accept species submissions
🔸friendly and Active admins
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Neon-Spider Neon-Spider
I love it!
Station 442 uses a simple concept of a city Rp in a Sci-fi setting. With the twist that it’s on a space station far away from earth. The people are friendly and kind and the role play can be from slice of life to an intense gunfight against the authority. I’d recommend this server to anyone who is interested in Science Fiction or Futuristic themes. Keep up the good work!