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Bomb Shelter
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Bomb Shelter

Tight community of dodo brains from all around the world. We dont have any gamer girls or gamer girl pee, dont ask. No porn or gore
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It's pretty comfy.
Fun server, very cool people, not too busy but not too slow, would recommend.

spaceman spaceman
Be there or be square
Honestly what value do these five yellow stars even represent. Assume that you're near one star it looks beautiful, it'll be the last thing you're going to look at because it'll damage your vision but that is beside the point. Fine, one star no problem but suddenly four more appear! Oh snap, stellar collision about to go down and you're in trouble! This is why you need to be in the Bomb Shelter fam. These walls are so thick that gravitational waves are joke.
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Bahat Bahat
Bomb Shelter
Pretty comfy and tight-knit community. vc isn't very active. None of the server regulars are sketchy people despite it being a 4chan server; most members are relatively normal people. There's a lot of joking about degeneracy but the server is SFW. If you do decide to join, remember that dawca is a sissy.