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Kimchi Café

350+ wholesome members! The Kimchi Café welcomes basically anyone. We are a community Discord for those who want to have fun and meet new people. You can find artists, anime fans, K-Pop fans, and others here.

• Active Community
• Level/Ranking System
• Server Events (Karaoke, Game Nights, etc.)
• Giveaways
• Self-Assignable Roles
• Cute Emotes (Non-Animated & Animated)
• Partnerships
• Server Shop & Currency

Join us as we are waiting for you! We have cookies too.
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Ratings & Reviews

22 reviews
Jade Jade
Review of the server
I honestly think the server is great! I hope it implements more features that can bring even more people together in the future and more people becoming friends to create a positive, loving community <3

I personally think nothing is really wrong about the server as it's friendly.
Gin Gin
It's a very Yeet server, with very nice Yeet people in it.
AoiRyu AoiRyu
1 1
KineKreature KineKreature
Cute but clunky
The server is well made in the sense that the channels are well named, the community is adorable, the role names are cute, and the category names as well as channel topics are cute. In addition, the Kimchi Bot is cute. But it’s quite clunky and disorganized and could be organized in a better fashion. Still, definitely a server to join. They even have amazing emotes :)