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The Home Of The Furries! [temporarily down]
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The Home Of The Furries! [temporarily down]

A actively improving a expanding furry discord server! In this discord we allow pretty much anyone to come here and chat with people/post images/art work, Or just share stuff with people that has the same interest as you! In this server we have our own custom made bot that is being worked on everyday and being developed by DJ Kitty! We also have moderation pretty much all the time and this discord will be actively monitored and making sure we ban any raiders before they cause too much damage to the server! Thank you for reading this and we hope you enjoy this server! - DJ Kitty
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Konp Konp
Its pretty cool, you can do thingys in here. It's ptw faster, the owner is poor
so you could donate shit to her and get a p cool rewardys.
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Ⓓⓐⓝ. Ⓓⓐⓝ.
Very nice
Very nice server I like this server very much because the people in the server is very friendly(mostly).
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CoolAshRed/Orangey CoolAshRed/Orangey
The Server is Peaceful but at most times very Chatty. While the Server does have Raiding Problems it still maintains it's structure by the 1 Moderator on the Server and the Supporting People ( Like Me ) who try to help him by Reporting the Raiders to him.

The Server has so much fun stuff to do and is in fact the Home of the Furries!
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Tanek Tanek
This is a really nice and open server there are a lot of open minded people so you will not be left out and I enjoy how funny this server is.