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Blackwater: Blood Moon
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Blackwater: Blood Moon

Welcome to Blackwater, a place filled with strange happenings.

Here there are vampires and werewolves. Both factions who hate each other.

Roleplay as a Vampire, Human, or Wrerewolf and have fun!
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BxJay22 BxJay22
This server has one of the best RP experience I have ever seen. They raely break character and keep it fair and fun for all!
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YourLordAndSavior YourLordAndSavior
Important Information with a slight update
Hi everyone! I’m the owner of this server. The so-called “jackass.”
I think it’s important to point out what’s really going on here. The one start reviews left by three other users are all from alt accounts belonging to the same very angry former member.

Folks, this person is leaving these reviews not because they were mistreated in any way. In fact, myself and the other members of my server were nothing but respectful to this person. However, he finds our “treatment” of his “sister” to be problematic.

I... I can’t even begin to describe how ridiculous this notion is. A discord user by the name of “Butterfly” submitted a character for the role play. This character was erroneously accepted even though it violated several rules. She was justifiably annoyed when I was forced to unaccept the character, but instead of making the changes that I very respectfully suggested to her, she elected to lash out at other members of the server and eventually myself before leaving of her own accord. Her friend/brother/White Knight stuck around for a bit, trying to defend her. Myself and other users pointed out how unacceptable her behavior was, and the consensus outside of my own and his own biased opinions was that the user known as Butterfly acted irrationally and disrespectfully entirely of her own accord, and experienced no such disrespect.
He didn’t like that, so he randomly acted indignant against me as well, after once again experiencing no disrespect whatsoever, before electing to leave.
Fair enough.
Shortly before halfblood left, he created an invite to the server that Djinn used to enter. Djinn also created an invite that Zata used to enter. Finally, Zata used an invite that the third reviewer used to enter.
It is highly likely that these are all alt accounts belonging to the same person, and their poor attempt at masking their typing style is evident of that. These three users have never made a single post on the server and yet they have enough knowledge and experience to leave a review?
I highly doubt that. I am posting this long form info dump to ensure that any potential observers be informed. The low star rating may scare some folks off, but you will come to find that it is not indicative of the product.

I am leaving this “review” with 3 stars as I do not want to grant my own server 5 stars. It is not my place to judge.
However, I also don’t want to tank my own score further, so I won’t leave a one. Judge my decision as you will.

UPDATE- Well, “Zata” has posted “Their” side of the story. Quite an extensive post for someone who literally wasn’t on the server to witness the events they claim to have concrete, reliable knowledge of. Make of that what you will.

Everything I said still stands. It is the truth. To modify it in any way would be to lie. It is up to you to decide who you really believe.

By the way, I reached out to the so called “victim” to try to clear the air. She ignored me. So hey, what can you do?

UPDATE: The “Victim,” Butterfly is back on the server. We have no further issues.
I am going to give myself 5 stars now, because this attack on my character was not deserved, and every casual observer can agree. The boy who perpetrated these attacks ought to be ashamed of himself.
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Lotus Lotus
Blackwater: Blood Moon is the absolute best to role-play in, the staff / admin are super friendly and helpful. The character creation process is so much fun, as well as the people here are the most creative, most interesting and overall a real joy to be with. I came to this server because of a invite from a friend and I have not been disappointed at all. I invite more people to join, it's an AWESOMESAUCE server with an intriguing plot and a rich and interesting lore.
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Zata Zata
The Real and True Story - Based On The Victim's Side
Hello everyone, I’m the friend of the victim that the owner decided to be cruel to. I would like to spin my side of the story that the victim has told me in my messages. The Owner which has chosen to be more or less not entirely truthful in the matter that has occurred has told his version. He tells from his own spin of the story from a basis of pure ignorance and arrogance, much like a child that demands that he is right and that no one can have a say in the matter. It was not only from someone who was very angry, it was from a person that was unrightfully un-accepted to the owners negligence, then due his rather smug and irritating words were the icing on the cake, the said victim had decided to leave. The treatment of said victim a.k.a one who was treated in a way that was unfit by someone who was supposedly so innocent a.k.a the owner in the matter. I am leaving this review to tell of the atrocities in which have befallen this victim, during and after her decision to leave the server due to being frustrated with the owners sheer sense of over importance and inflated ego.

AllHailDemetrius if that wasn’t enough of a self important and pompous username had decided that upon inspection of ‘ butterfly’s ‘ character that she was not fit for submission, which was perfectly fine in regards to his ability to make that call, seeing as he was the owner. Said victim ‘ butterfly ‘ proposed her annoyance in the matter, which another user within the chat had decided to tell her to ‘ calm down ‘ and that she shouldn’t be annoyed even though she was given the all clear by another admin and then denied her character. Her feelings of irritation which were justified at the time was more than given little consideration, it was down right downplayed. When she told the other user within the chat, he supposedly told her not to cause a scene and kept on insisting that he was only there to help said victim when in fact he was just trying to stop Butterfly from being annoyed, which she had a right to be. The owner then proceeded to tell her in a smug manner that her character was not fit to be within the role-play, if she couldn’t answer a number of questions, giving a half assed apology in the process. After said victim butterfly had enough of the ‘ jackass owner ‘ she left, not before saying some choice words to the overly strict and overly smug owner. Then after she proceeded to leave, her friend Halfblood, spoke to the owner in a precise manner and the owner kept on asking him to ‘ fix her attitude and that she was toxic and needed help ‘.

Even though halfblood insisted that their relationship was fine, then after proceeding to continuously harass Halfblood said ‘ Jackass owner ‘ decided to openly mock Butterfly while she was gone from the server, calling her such words as ‘ Bitch ‘ in the process. It upsetted her friend halfblood but when he calmly said that it upsetted him to hear his friend talked about like that. The ‘ jackass owner ‘ decided to not only not be civil about it, he decided to play on the ‘ I’m the owner so I can talk about people however I want ‘ card. ‘ Insulting Halfblood this time and telling him to fuck off ‘ when he was still being quite calm and civil’ . The owner throwing a tantrum in the process.

That was the only time that Halfblood got annoyed, as the owner was being childish and most of all, playing on his power as the owner to insult someone who was already gone. Not only was this a sign of pettiness, it was one of childishness and blatant disregard for the role-players thus Halfblood left after saying why are you being so uncivil, I was merely upset. I pity anyone who believes that the owner is completely innocent. This is the true story.

The low star rating is due to one thing and one thing only, it would have been higher if not for the blatant show of disrespect and disregard to hear both sides of the story and be calm and respectful. He is a grown up child, in other words someone who likes to think that he is perfect in every way. The fact of the matter is, that ‘ butterfly ‘ should not have been approved, then insulted, then called a bitch when she left after having enough of the pompous owner. The owner has anger issues and an even more lack of basic respect for role-players in general, that is all that this boils down to.

Update: The so called proof that I have is both eyewitness from reading over the words said and also recounts of the victims story through her friend which was there at the time. That is my proof.