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Overwatch Comp Finder

✧Welcome to Overwatch Comp Finder✧
Here is a List of the following features we have:
✔ - Voice channels for all platforms
✔ - Free Coaching from a GM Player
✔ - Active members
✔ - Self Roles for displaying what you play
✔ - Vast range of SR and Ranks
✔ - Reliable Staff
✔ - Fun Bot Commands
✔ - New Hero Guesses
✔ - Polls for Events and skins Regularly
✔ - Updates on Recent Overwatch News
✔ - Highlight and Potg channel
✔ - Reminders of when Overwatch streamers go live
✔ - Overwatch Custom Soundboard for VC's
✔ - Free Photoshops Designs & Edits from Experts
Here is what we DO NOT have:
✖-Uncertified Bots
✖-Toxic Players
Bots We Have Currently:
◈Simple Poll
✧Invite all those who have the game!✧
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Ratings & Reviews

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Mercy Mercy
Awesome Server!
A great server to join, provides players from a wide range of levels and ranks. Skill can range from Bronze to even Grand Masters! I would highly recommend joining as active members and great staff roams the channels everyday!