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Spy’s Support is a Discord server dedicated to helping anyone who may need a little bit of help. We're a peer-support server, meaning that you can help people too, and we'll return the favour. We're a server for anyone-- mental illness or not. We'll help everyone to the best of our ability. We focus on our support system, and our community. We cater to all ages, and all diagnoses, and those that are non-diagnosed. Our staff team is active, and enforce the rules to keep everyone safe. We hope you come and join us! We're here for you all.
We have: support channels and staff
**friendly community
** acceptance of everyone
**many channels for different topics
**rules and staff members that help keep the community safe
Come one, come all. Join us if you need support, or a friendly community to become apart of.
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Elemental31 (Alex) Elemental31 (Alex)
Amazing positive constructive and respectful space.
The title pretty much says it all, they welcome everyone and try to help as many people as possible. They offer various kinds of rewards for members willing to participate in things, for example using MEE6's XP system or Invite Manager's rewards for inviting members. Amazing place, worth joining.