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★彡 autistic love 彡★
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★彡 autistic love 彡★

A server looking for anyone just to chat and have fun! Make tons of friends in our server and meet new people.
Puscy Bumped 158 days ago

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3 reviews
Xenomorph Xenomorph
Great server
Good for people who like to be epic
Kirby Kirby
Autism Commnunity
The majority of the people here have autism, they are great people. We're active, we're friendly, etc.
For dating, it could be a place for this, isn't the best because I didn't find someone for love but i'm trying... If you have autism and be in a community that accept what you are, you are inthe right place!
(Note: 100%, it will maybe change if I didn't find someone or if the group is inactive.)
notdemonik1 notdemonik1
dude this server is epic