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★彡 autistic love 彡★
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★彡 autistic love 彡★

A server looking for anyone just to chat and have fun! Make tons of friends in our server and meet new people.
⎝⧹╲╱ Demonik1╲╱⧸⎠ Bumped 18 hours ago

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3 reviews
Xenomorph Xenomorph
Great server
Good for people who like to be epic
lighting_wolff lighting_wolff
Autism Commnunity
The majority of the people here have autism, they are great people. We're active, we're friendly, etc.
For dating, it could be a place for this, isn't the best because I didn't find someone for love but i'm trying... If you have autism and be in a community that accept what you are, you are inthe right place!
(Note: 100%, it will maybe change if I didn't find someone or if the group is inactive.)
notdemonik1 notdemonik1
dude this server is epic