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Pokecord & Things
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Pokecord & Things

Greetings, this is Pokecord & Things!
This server currently has a somewhat small population, but we are looking for it to grow. We want your help to grow as this community. We usually have an active chat for people to talk to, so if you like pokemon, then come and join us!

-We have fun bots that you can play with including Pokecord & Dank Memer.
-Waifubot for all the weebs out there.
-You could make new friends.
-A bot and channel for all your hilarious memes.
-A section for all your spamming needs.
-We have fun here even though we don't have much.
-Giveaways for pokemon, waifu's, items, and more!
-Semi-active chats
Again, we are a small community but we are looking for your support to help us grow. Come on check us out, spend some time maybe you’ll like it.
AshTheNerd Bumped 16 hours ago

Ratings & Reviews

2 reviews
Rice Rice
Good Server
The community was friendly , and it had some pretty cool bots. Overall pretty good server for the couple days I was there.
Mr.Satsuma Mr.Satsuma
Friendly staff and members
Good server for someone looking to socialize and catch Pokemon on pokecord.

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