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Fun interactive BDSM community. (2000+ members) Please respect everyone! We are active! NSFW channels are 18+ only! Please stop by and say hello!
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Christopher 💙 Christopher 💙
if you think the reviews under this are real
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Clueless Baka Clueless Baka
Illegal activity
Child pornography, they don’t require I’d check for posting nsfw and getting some nsfw content. Some of the unrestricted nsfw has child or depicting under age pornography.

Their server is highly biased to those already in. They will mute or kick you if they don’t like you and side with the e-sluts. If your a female expect to receive many unwanted dick pics, and creepy attention.
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Kat Kat
I was told not to text in the GENERAL CHAT and got muted for defending myself against a member telling me not to. The admins sided with her even though its a general chat which you have to text in if you want to text people. The admin's side with their friends even when they are wrong so dont waste your time.
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Chrisalliance Chrisalliance
This Server is very bad. They allow there members to bully others and if you defend yourself you get muted. Not friendly at all. Very disrespectful. Beware of Unstable he has this big ego where he is always right and trust me even if hes not mod the mods will side with him being toxic and lying. Beware if you join. Also I posted a selfie of myself and they save it?! How creepy is that! How do I know they posted my selfie on the server! They have no boundaries