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★彡 Lost 彡★
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★彡 Lost 彡★

✨ 𝔏𝔬𝔰𝔱 ✨
Owner: <@363066412086067200>
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A cool server built with the sole purpose of bringing together people who have no where else to go, to vent and chat and to give people a place to have chill conversations~
**Main theme**: aesthetic, edgy, community
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**Gangs & Clubs**
*Yes, we offer clubs and gangs! The gangs are self-assignable whereas the clubs, you must* **earn** *them.*
≛Gamer's Den
≛Emotional Society
≛Anime Palace
≛KPop Club

≛Midnight Kidzz
≛Druggie’s drug lab
≛Sinner's Room
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**Key features:**

❉Friendly community and lovely staff members!
❉Premium role with access to:
•More than 35 color roles!
•Priority speak + seperated role
•Custom roles!
❉Cool and interesting self roles~
❉Everyone is welcome, so bring your friends!
❉Fast growing community (200+ members!)
❉We do partnerships!
❉Fun bots
❉Events & contests

We would like to build up our and server and make it as active as possible!

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