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Cyprus, The Metropolis of Heroes
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Cyprus, The Metropolis of Heroes

In a world filled with Superpowers known as quirks, quirks are abilities that tend to be more science than magic and are superhuman abilities currently 94% of the world’s population possess You are a Person living on the island of Cyprus located around the Mediterranean.
The Year is 2117, The City of Cyprus was founded in 2023 only 3 years after quirks started popping up normally, It was founded by 11 people called the founders were some of the first people with quirks they made Cyprus for all people as the number of people with quirks was still low they founded the City as a place where everyone would come to live together a place where no one would be called a witch for being unique or shunned.
Over the Years Cyprus grew bigger and Bigger until the economic collapse of 2068 from which it was stuck before Jokyu Industries rose and pulled the city up, Cyprus quickly recovering and becoming the Most technologically advanced city in the world.
Currently, all is fine Jokyu is continuing their breakthroughs in science and each precinct continues to grow in culture heroes are made and so are villains, but recently there’s been a spike in missing and dead heroes no one knows as of why yet.
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