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E-Girl Paradise
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E-Girl Paradise

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Its Very Active with Active VCs and Chat
Tons and Tons of e-girls
tons of fun bots to play games with
nice people make new friends
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Rukia Rukia
Rawr xd
All egirls are very cute hehe and so are the eboys uwuuu I also have a smol crushy wushy on elise >w< very good server owo
fat nae nae susan fat nae nae susan
EGP review
its a cool place, staff can be a bit goofy. everyone thinks im a girl there bahahha dont tell them that im not tho, also demote and ban joceleyn! She smells terrible.
August Mesto ✠ August Mesto ✠
The birth of the Iron Crusade.
There once was a man, a mere mortal, his name was August Mesto. This man one day ascended to divinity. Then his followers grew in number and the Iron Crusade conquered all servers!
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BratPfanneTV BratPfanneTV
I'm not sure what to say.
I joined this server because I had to, for a giveaway on a different server. In the announcements channel, the owners were telling people to leave reviews on here. When people gave anything but 5 star reviews, they were insulted and threated with bans if they don't change it. I don't actually care if I'm being banned, just wanted to leave this here.

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