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The Animal Kingdom

Welcome to the home of the Otters and other animals of the fauna spectrum. We here are a close-knitted family with tendecies to come off as raw, honest, and unfiltered folk when we speak to one another. It can be like this for you as well should you decide to come on in through them doors. [This is not a furry community, far from it.]
╞═════A sliver of our content═════╡
[1.] Your average gamers with the matching voice.
[2.] Fictional religions and all that comes with this subject. (Minus the shaming.
[3.] The occassional movie night. We aren't nit-picky with the genres.
[4.] Rules that suits not just the administrators, but the entire community.
[5.] The themes are subject to frequent change.
[6.] People willing to talk in the Voice Channels.
[7.] The choice is yours when it comes to the roles.
[8.] Nothing here is severely regulated. Ex.: you can say whatever is on your mind, to a degree.
[9.] Weekly sessions of Roast Battles that are hosted by yours truly. The winners often recieve temporary roles that lasts a week.
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