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Vampires Galore~
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Vampires Galore~

🦇 Welcome to vampire galore, where it is always Halloween! 🦇

Our server surrounds vampire lore, having humans as the underdogs, instead of the classical vampires as the outcasts. The largest vampiric empire- The Vermiculï Imperium- was the kingdom that kickstarted the overruling of vampires, although the ladies (queens) that rule the empire are tolerant of humans, and allow them into the walls of the vast castle.

Come join our server and climb the vampiric ladder, who knows, maybe you could even become a ❓R̴a̵n̸k̴ ̷6̵❓
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QuirkyGamer QuirkyGamer
Great rp and a stunning community & staff team!
Vampires Galore is a fun-filled server, fulling of a welcoming community. With well detailed rp, and fun ranks to earn in the Vampire society, it reals you in, wanting more; like that of a good book.

Not only is the roleplay detail, and fun. It is full of new things every day, new people, new stories. Who are you going to meet? You never know. The detail and enthusiasm put into the rp is stunning, and it makes you plead for more, waiting to see what the response will be; dramatic, romantic, funny, vicious etc. It's all there.

The community, oh don't get me started on them. They are such caring and helpful people, who ensure you are welcomed and know what do to. They make conversations intruding and they are just purely talented. The staff members and the owner are on point; willing to partner and are easy going when it comes to doing so.

I would highly recommend checking out the fabulous 'Vampires Galore~'

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