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DKangel's Discord

1: free nitro

2: alot of giveaways and a growing community

Its a server with a big potential, and could be a good server one day everything is set up, the server get updated every day by the owner or the staff we try to be as active as possible

we got spotify premium drops
nitro giveaways
all kind of accounts with a high value we have just join and you are already in

Giveaways every days! included drops

high value performance

and it have all you need to feel comfortable and if you dont contact the owner and tell what is wrong he will answer back in 5 minutes and do everything he can to get you comfortable
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Snomlu Snomlu
Snomlus DKangel's Discord review
Its a good server with many cool giveaways and channels. You can often even win a nitro 😮!!!
119 days ago
twitchlover12 twitchlover12
Free nitro!
just wanna help him out!
so yeah if you join you will get nitro and shit its perfect =)
119 days ago
*Twitch-DKangel *Twitch-DKangel
So good
just to start the rewievs
you know
i need you in this server
now im just playing some games aha sorry why are even reading this seriusly stop wow you just wont stop i guess then you have to join got you =)
147 days ago