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Modern Deviants(rp server)
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Modern Deviants(rp server)

Modern Deviants is an rp server aimed at those that want a more casual experience. The rules are mostly freeflow and don't have many lore-based requirements. We're a happy and active community always looking for new members. THIS is not an erp server,Though it does allows erp in set channels as long as you are verified as 18+.
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Unfunny Unfunny
It's a nice server, lots of fun, even though it's still in the progress of gaining members and all, it's still nice and full of nice people. Also this is not an erp server guys.
NaughtyGhost777 NaughtyGhost777
Shameless self review :p
This is a growing community aimed at creating a warm welcoming rp environment. As it's leader I'm fully devoted to making sure everyone has the opportunity to rp what they want to, while making sure the community and server is as enjoyable as it can be.
Until Next Time ;p Until Next Time ;p
Shameless self review
Hey, we are a fun server that is not an erp server and we never advertised it as one. don't mind the thirty dude's review lol.
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Klonoakirb Klonoakirb
Fucking misleading
With the advertising having takked about some sex i expected sex but there was no titties

Why don't you review Modern Deviants(rp server)?