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The National Niggy Association
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The National Niggy Association

A place for memers, gamers, weebs, and everything in between!

- A day-by-day as it happened retelling of World War 2
- An active and supportive community
- Plenty of artwork and artists waiting to give feedback
- A democracy YOU can be apart of!
- Plenty of history memes and conversations just waiting to happen!

So come join the fun and join the NNA!
its me instagram meme_sheriff Bumped 1 days ago

Ratings & Reviews

3 reviews
umu umu
epic, I guess
I’m not really moved by anything, but this server has surprised me with great people, and quite a eccentric but talkative owner.
Zeph 6ixty 9ine Zeph 6ixty 9ine
the server is a great place to be. i personally feel that the community is welcoming and there's a lot of active conversations there too. overall a 5/5.
Professor Jeff Professor Jeff
This server is amazing, the social interaction and the community are the best parts of it. The communist theme really adds up to the experience!