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School for Supernatural Students RP
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School for Supernatural Students RP

Welcome to the School for Supernatural Students roleplay! A newly updated school-based roleplay adventure!

◊ Explore the halls of the strange,new school you just got accepted into.Everyone is anything but ordinary in here!

◊Be a student,teacher,or someone/something else?

◊Protect yourself from the grasp of Comet Corp,a organization that aims to capture gifted ones and utilize their powers in order to achieve their own goals!

◊Three different courses to choose from,each with a different class schedule and exclusive subjects!

◊Ability to make multiple characters,regardless of their classification!

◊Self-assigned roles to aid your roleplay experience!

◊Roleplay lore that tells the story of how the school came to be!

◊Friendly and Helpful Staff&Members that are there to help you and answer all your questions!
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CinnamonBunz CinnamonBunz
Message from the New Owner
Hello! I'm CinnamonBunz,also known as the new owner of this roleplay server.I felt as if it was my duty to tell you that,while those bad reviews down there are mixed with some truth,they aren't true as of now,as they were forwarded to the long-gone former owner.
As the new owner,I can assure you that we absolutely have NO staff behaving in such a manner,not to even dwell into the topic of members.
The server itself has been polished and refurbished of it's old content and has been remade into a much better roleplay that's as well now suited for versatile roleplayers to a greater extent.
As to those who posted the reviews:Please,if you ever come across this again,I'd love it if you'd join again and see for yourself that things have changed for better.
Have a nice day!
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TurShmucken TurShmucken
This is a review
This server has a friendly community, and i highly recommend giving the server a go.
6 2
Rook Rook
The truth
This is a awesome and eventful roleplay with some of the best staff i have met. They are sweet and will do their best to help you with anything you need, the roleplays are always revived if they die and theres always something new. I very much reccomend this roleplay and i recommend that you dont listen to the poor little snowflakes that cant take someone saying no
4 6
Bionic Bionic
Love drunk Psycho
A prime example of one of the people that you will meet in rp, someone who likes to refer to people that have been disrespected within the rp as hint hint ' special little snowflakes '. One of the people within this role-play thanked the owner for their time and left politely only to be called a ' little bitch ' . So you can see how wonderful this place really is.