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The Furry Escape
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The Furry Escape

🐾 Welcome to Furry Escape! We are a friendly furry community looking to grow. We always strive to have people make new friends and have fun here, so we would love to see you join!
✨ LGBTQ+ Friendly (all sexualities are welcome here).
✨ Fun bots
✨ Warm welcomes <3
✨ Self-assignable roles
And so much more, come join us to see what we are about! <3
-Skye\Athos- Bumped 3 hours ago

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Dragon Dragon
This is a Great Place!
The Furry Escape is a very nice place. It has a great group of people, even if some are odd or not too intelligent (No Offense), this place is awesome and I totally recommend joining it.
-Skye\Athos- -Skye\Athos-
Good server friendly staff
They are nice and friendly over there.

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