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BNHA Shinano Institute
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BNHA Shinano Institute

Quick! Don't read this! Ha, you fell for our cunning scheme. Now you have been enticed by the enigmatic nature of our opening sentence....***just as planned***

**What is this server about?**
It's a RolePlay server Based on My Hero Academia (MHA) or Boku No Hero Academia (BNHA) Lore although focusing on our own unique Adventure

**What are the amazing things we possess**

💠 An Array Of Channels For You to RolePlay In
💬 ``Because who needs quality when you've got quantity?``

💠 Multiple Events Every Week
💬 ``Technically, one is mathematically the same as one tenth. Which means that an event every ten weeks is technically the same as several every week. Quick-maffs!``

💠 An Initial Charcter Limit Of Three ,But If You're Really Active You're Gonna Get More!
💬 ``You want more OCs, it'll cost ya.``||``And there's a lot we could ask from a pretty 'lil thing like you.``||

💠 In RolePlay Chat Channels For You To Text People In Roleplay Or Chat In A Group Chat!
💬 ``Because that's totally something an RP server needs to advertise. "Hey, come on down to our new store- we've got Things for you to buy in exchange for money. I know, we're so unique!"``

💠 Overall Friendly Staff Team And Members!
1010todd Bumped 34 minutes ago

Ratings & Reviews

2 reviews
Multi-Man Studio Multi-Man Studio
This is honestly a great server
It's wonderful, I've been on for a little over a month now, and it's REALLY fun! I'd suggest it to anybody who enjoy's serious rp.
V  O T E K I C K V O T E K I C K
Staff are great and they totally work great with the community
They don’t have special staff rules, so they see themselves as equal. And they try to keep everyone in line but also to have fun.