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BNHA Shinano Institute
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BNHA Shinano Institute

Founded by a master samurai, decades before the first appearance of quirks, A single samurai house on the edge of the town dedicated training aspiring students in the way of samurai. Catching the interest of a businessman, whose son was also studying in Shinano Institute, Shinano began receiving donations in order to renovate and turn the once small house into a much larger and high-tech school designed as an ancient Japanese castle building, which would now be accepting a wider amount of students into its ranks. As the institute got more popular among the people, more companies supported them, eventually attaining the government’s support, whom wanted to preserve the the traditional Bushido and traditional way of sword making as the institute successfully recovered the art.

Many decades later, soon after the discovery of quirks and the rise of the hero’s age, hero schools such as UA started to appear, and the interest in the samurai and metal works began decreasing as the popularity of heroes rose more and more. In order to catch up with the present times, Shinano Institute began to research on quirks, school’s heroic and support courses, merging it with their original Samurai & Metal works courses, thus creating a unique hero and support course which can not be found elsewhere.

While it annually receives less funds and its popularity, it does not top that of UA or Shiketsu, Shinano Institute’s heroes are known to be on par with those from UA. Although it allows those without quirks without limiting them and being open & simple to enroll, it's also known that Shinano Institute does have high expulsion rate, resulting in only few selected ones being able to graduate. “The whole course is a test to one's ability and motivation to study, those who don't meet their expectations are to be expelled.”

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V  O T E K I C K V O T E K I C K
Staff are great and they totally work great with the community
They don’t have special staff rules, so they see themselves as equal. And they try to keep everyone in line but also to have fun.