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Furtopia is a friendly furry community! 100+ channels, events weekly, and fun interactive bots!
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Kaneone Kaneone
Very friendly server
After a pretty nice verification process you have a lot of channel. If you don't want anything nsfw you can simply go in the sfw channels, which is pretty neat. For nsfw picture you actually need to verify with an ID which is kinda annyoing but nice too so you know who really is an adult and who not.
135 days ago
Very weirdly organised
There are so many channels that they had to make a channel for members to type the name of the channel to get there faster. The amount of channels is absolutely unneeded, some of them have little to no activity. There's no #general channel either, but there are 3 for that purpose, but they also can be used for sfw and nsfw roleplays. There is nsfw content that can be accessed by minors, and there are nsfw channels that need verification. The whole server setup is weird and confusing. There's nothing wrong with the community tho, they are nice.
395 days ago