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Zafistia: A Natural World
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Zafistia: A Natural World

The great creators of the world Zafista has casted among their first goddess, their first born being that walked among the land. For she was the child of them, and she had became the founder of all lands, the creator of man and creature, as well as the mother of all Gods and Goddesses. Yet in time, all of the children of that goddess were raised in a different perspective. Made in purpose of violence, balance, peace and more.. her children rose to an occasion of shaping the world the way it is in the current time. From wars to murders to rightful events that may cause either the cursed winter fate or the great spring life of the world.. and to death of those of importance. Though thousands of years earlier did one of her children cause ruin and chaos among kingdoms, seas, and more... and despite her efforts she had no choice but to seal her away into an abyss. Ever since that day has the world gone to peace, but what is a world without destruction and madness?

- Memes :3
- Come along to chat with the owner about the lore and more
- OOC Rp
- ERP being limited only twice a week
- Yes, NSFW channel for NSFW pics. (No erp in there please!)
- Upcoming updates for the events at time, as well as new additions
- Free ideas from you guys
- Possible custom roles?
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