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💜Ecchi Hangout Realm💜

💜Ecchi Hangout Realm💜

For all the queer and non queer lewd and the not so lewd to hangout.
This is an LGBTQ friendly server where you can share your love for ecchi, anime and meet new friends. Age limit is 15+ but we have 0 tolerance for trolls & drama.

🌈We kindly welcome the trans community🌈

💖Active Mods
💖React Roles & Colors
💖Anime & Gaming
💖Roleplaying Chanels
💖SFW/NSFW/Kink Channels
💖Furry Optional Role
💖Server Income & Fun Bots
💖Server RP Style Events
💖International Diversity
💖Trans, Gay & Straight Community
💖Server Partnerships
💖Pokecord Channels
Come join us and find out for yourselves what our server is really about 😜
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Mac-chan Mac-chan
Oh me, oh my!
Mamma mia! Beautiful! I love you, Laeshy!