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danielpbarron danielpbarron
They banned me for opposing Islam.
Not a huge surprise I suppose, but this is not a channel for contending for the faith. (Jude 1:3) Check out and see why Islam leads to hell.
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Koneho Koneho
Conservative and Western, Initial Impressions (subject to change)
Server is conservative and western. If you're asian go to another server unless you want to educate diaspora on living in Asia. Not frendly to traditional realizations of Islam outside of the Arabosphere.

Verdict: Good place to learn about conservative Islam Ideologies, if you're ready to take shahada they will witness you and support you.

Bad: Conservative and Western (people living in America, Australia, and Europe), Asians look elsewhere. For those of us who want to get in touch with more local Islam (not Wahabiyya Arab Oil Islam) we may be better off looking elsewhere.

Could improve if it had a user-base that was more diverse.
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a1sky a1sky
subject to change if I don't get what I want
4 3
Alif/ܐܠܦ̥/אלף/الف Alif/ܐܠܦ̥/אלף/الف
A good Muslim Server
السلام عليكم
The members here are very welcoming, there's a lot of channel for learning purposes like Fiqh, Ilm' Al-Hadith and etc
If you want to join go ahead