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Realistic RP

Realistic RP

Realistic RP

A RP where you live out a realistic second life. Go to school or run a hole in the wall diner. Find love or tear others down. Share your art with the world or spend your time learning.

-Server runs on a system that tells you the current month and holiday! ❤
-250 roles to describe your character's personality and career! 💛
-120+ locations around the city and even vacation spots! 💚
-Channels for your characters socials and dms! 💙
-Public and private events twice a week! 💜
-Literate rpers that take pride in their story! 📚
-Welcoming staff that listens to the community! 🤗
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Ratings & Reviews

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Starkidd Starkidd
In Response of the 1-Star Reviews-
I've been working on discord for years and years now, and I can say that while some things could be improved on, the bad reviews are based off of personal vendettas and are completely biased to the server and its staff team. In order to purge the server of toxicity, the members that were banned (and are pinning 1 star reviews) have been removed to preserve the integrity of the server as a whole. Hopefully you won't let these reviews get to you, and you'll see for yourself what our server is all about. If you need to contact me about the server, feel free to message me at Noah#1448 or shoot me an email at [email protected] Thank you!
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not dave not dave
Thank you Kanye, very cool!
This server is amazing, no others like it. When I joined I was greeted by amazing admins, and the roleplay is really simple. Everyone is active, and there's a range of people to roleplay with. I recommend it!
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Venian Venian
Nice Little Review For A Nice Little Server
The admins are great and very helpful. They are also fairly active in both rp and doing their jobs. I only don't give a 5 star because events arent really a thing which some news castings of a murderer or something would be nice every now and again. Also the community itself isnt very active you get small groups of one to two people rping together usually in their own homes which isnt the leaders of the communities fault but they could try to encourage activity. They also dont have a general suggestions just a simple event and role which arent very helpful except for those specific things and i dont think they are payed much attention to but that could just be me.
3 2
Citrus Citrus
Amazing place for casual rpers
I’ve had an amazing time on his server, I’ve met wonderful people and made friends, I’d recommend it to almost anyone